This page contains links to abstracts of papers and sources for data referenced in the TIF procedure for reflux brochure.

1. Prevalence/incidence: Chen, KY, et. al.; Am J Med Sci. 2009 Dec;338(6):453-8.
2. Utilization: National Hospital Discharge Survey, National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey
EGS has purchased this database to evaluate current treatment protocols as episodes of care in healthcare system.

3. Subramanian, CR and Triadafilopoulos G; Gastroenterol. Rep. (2015) 3 (1): 4153.
4. Data on file at EGS. Please request current released version of Executive Summary NP02422-01
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15. Kahrilas et al. Abstract ACG 2015. (RESPECT 12-mo) [Request poster from EGS]
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TIF procedure