EGS encourages patients to seek medical attention for typical and atypical symptoms associated with GERD, esophagitis, Barrett’s Esophagus and esophageal cancers to help achieve and maintain good health with as high a quality of life as possible.

      EGS offers this “Find a Doctor” directory as a resource to help patients find a TIF-trained physician that uses EsophyX technology in a specific geographical area. Please be advised: any communication outside this web site is not covered by our privacy policy or terms of use.

      Qualifications for TIF Locator Listing: Physicians will be displayed on physician locator for 365 days following go-live date, and in each subsequent period where the customer’s 6-month or 12-month moving average meets or exceeds one TIF procedure per month.

      In addition to training and the minimum procedure volume, the following criteria are required to be listed on the company’s websites:

      Admitting privileges and/or procedure credentials with at least one facility/institution with EsophyX product available for use in procedures

      A valid medical license and good standing in all medical societies and regulatory bodies including but not limited to organizations with authority internationally, nationally, regionally (states/provinces), etc.

      Not all TIF-trained physicians are displayed. TIF-trained physicians have the option of not being listed on this locator. EGS does not warrant, whether expressed or implied, the accuracy, completeness, or feasibility of the information contained in the “Find a Doctor” directory. In no event shall EGS be liable to you or anyone else for any actions taken by you in reliance on the information contained in the “Find a Doctor” directory. EGS does not make any recommendations, referrals, or endorsements regarding specific physicians with whom patients may seek treatment, nor does this site serve as a tool for verification of a specific surgeon’s credentials, qualifications, or abilities. Only a trained physician is qualified to recommend treatments and/or make diagnoses. You assume full responsibility for your communications and interactions made with any physician you choose to contact from the use of this “Find a Doctor” directory. By using the search field below, you agree to and accept the above terms.