Meet the
GERDHelp App

If you’ve been struggling with reflux and haven’t found a solution, it’s time to do something about it.

The GERD Help App is a free tool to help you keep track of your symptoms, treatment and all of the latest information on GERD.

Your Treatment

No two people are alike, and every GERD case is unique. A quick baseline questionnaire ensures you get information relevant to you and guides you along a personalized care pathway.

Track Your
Vitals and Lifestyle

We make it easy to record how you feel throughout the day, so you can see what foods and/or activities might be triggering your reflux and what treatments make the most sense for you.

Track your symptoms

“From the initial diagnosis to post-surgical recovery, my patients use the GERDHelp App as a digital health diary. They log their symptoms – the frequency, intensity and patterns, along with their vitals, and I can easily follow their progress with personalized questionnaires, optimizing their treatment plan accordingly. My patients are better informed and better prepared with the GERDHelp App.”

– Dr. Peter Janu

Stay Informed


Keep up-to-date with the latest research, events and procedures, hand-picked just for you, so you stay in the know and on the path to a life that’s reflux-free.

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