New Sleep Technology

A person with a smartwatch on their wrist, sleeping soundly.

New and Emerging Tech To Support Sleep The importance of sleep cannot be understated. The National Sleep Foundation recommends most adults get between seven and nine hours of sleep a night, and that children get even more. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) indicates that healthy sleep is not only associated with cognitive functioning,… Read more »

How Snacks Improve Work Productivity

A group of coworkers grabbing some salads and teas during a healthy working lunch.

Boosting Workplace Productivity: The Power of Mindful Snacks In a competitive business landscape, enhancing productivity is top-of-mind for almost any company. But one important component that is often overlooked is the impact of nutrition on human performance. While it is true that many factors affect productivity, the fundamental link between nutrition and performance still applies… Read more »

Sleeping Separately for Better Sleep

A bedroom has two separate beds for sleeping.

Exploring Separate Sleeping Arrangements and Solutions for Restful Nights High-quality sleep is as important as a good diet and exercise when it comes to supporting your long-term health. Most importantly, sleep is a vital way that our bodies maintain proper brain function. In the long term, consistent sleep deprivation can cause a wide range of… Read more »

Workspace Ergonomics: Proper Body Positioning For Desk Jobs

86% of American workers sit all day for their jobs. Between work and time at home, the average office employee spends up to 15 hours per day in a seated position. The extended amount of time in a chair can lead to short-term health issues, including neck stiffness, back pain, weak legs, and poor circulation.… Read more »

Meal Prepping: What Is It and Why Should You Start?

Just like portion sizing, meal prepping is another way to stay on top of what you’re putting in your body. With meal prepping, you can save money, better manage portion sizes, and eliminate trigger foods from your diet. Meal prepping entails preparing entire meals or dishes ahead of schedule. It can save time as well… Read more »

What Is the Proper Meal Size? A Guide to Portion Control

Understanding meal and portion sizes is an essential component of keeping your body healthy. Eating meals that are too large can aggravate a variety of conditions, like GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Furthermore, with the United States establishing initiatives for healthier eating in recent years, appropriate meal size and portion control have become more of a… Read more »

How To Eat Healthy and Stay in Shape While Traveling for Work

It’s not uncommon for people to travel long distances for work. Unfortunately, one of the pitfalls of this lifestyle is the diet and lack of an exercise routine travelers might maintain while away from home. For people spending weeks or even months abroad, this becomes critical. Without putting in the time and effort to keep… Read more »

Why Is My Sleep Being Interrupted and What Can I Do About It?

The world can feel brighter and more cheerful after getting enough rest. However, it’s a different case when sleep is continuously interrupted throughout the night. A lack of sleep can make it more challenging to think clearly and can leave you feeling irritable. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, here are some reasons why that… Read more »

Preservatives: Uses, Benefits, and Risks

Fresh fruits and vegetables against a white background.

What Are Preservatives and Should I Be Avoiding Them? Preservatives are substances, both natural and artificial, that are added to a variety of goods in order to prevent premature decomposition and to prolong their shelf life. It is common to find preservatives in a large variety of foods and cosmetics. But what some may not… Read more »