Making the Right Choice

“When it came time to choose between the Nissen or the TIF® procedure, I decided that the TIF procedure was less invasive and the better choice for me.”
—Savannah J.

The evolution of reflux surgery leads to the TIF procedure.

The TIF procedure eliminates the need for incisions and cutting by using the natural pathway of the mouth and esophagus to access the esophageal valve and stomach. The device enables the same results as traditional surgery without the complications and side effects.

Physicians appreciate how the device used in the TIF procedure helps them consistently reproduce reliable results customized to each patient. And TIF patients experience a fast recovery and long-term relief from reflux. Watch Dr. Barnes explain the evolution of reflux surgery and the benefits of the TIF procedure.

—Dr. William Barnes, who has performed over 600 successful TIF procedures, is the Chief of Surgery & Trauma Director for Livingston Hospital and Healthcare Services, Inc., Salem, KY

The TIF Procedure

Clinically proven to stop reflux without the complications of traditional surgery.

Advancements in fundoplication techniques have evolved the traditional reflux surgery from a major open operation to a TIF procedure: incision-free and without the negative side effects of traditional reflux surgery.


  • 26% of patients have difficulty swallowing after surgery
  • 36% experience bloating
  • 65% have increased flatulence


  • Soreness clears after a few days
  • No chronic difficulty swallowing
  • No increased gas or bloating
  • 81% of patients off daily PPIs2

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Dr. Ken Chang

“Patients choose the TIF procedure because it is effective at treating the symptoms of acid reflux, and it has an excellent safety profile, one that is much better than surgical alternatives.”
Dr. Ken Chang is the Chief of Gastroenterology and Director of the Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center, University of California Health System, Orange, CA

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  1. In 11 TIF 2.0 on label studies collectively representing 568 patients where the follow-up was between 7 and 59 months, the weighted incidence percentage of patients completely off PPIs was 73.50%, and 7.91% of the patients reported occasional use of PPIs, for a total of 81.41% of the patients reporting no daily use of PPIs.