The cost of the TIF procedure can vary. Costs depend upon specifics of your health plan and the physician and hospital you choose. If you have questions about whether your insurance provider covers the TIF procedure, contact a representative of your plan directly. Some private health plans may require you or your surgeon to submit paperwork for elective surgery pre-authorization (i.e., surgery that is not a medical emergency).

TIF Procedure Patient Access Program:

EndoGastric Solutions (EGS) offers a full service TIF Procedure Authorization Assistance Program in collaboration with PRIA Healthcare for the procedure. This program includes initiating a pre-authorization and pre-determination request. This process ensures that the private insurance provider reviews the patient’s medical necessity and individual health benefits prior to surgery.

External Medical Review:

EGS and PRIA Healthcare support patients through an external medical review. This support includes providing process information and guidance to the patient, talking points for the review, and a medical literature archive. For more information please contact PRIA Healthcare:

Phone: (860) 619-4133

Fax: (860) 215-8108


At EGS, we are dedicated to advancing solutions for the treatment of GERD. This includes increasing the awareness of insurance providers about limitations associated with conventional antireflux surgery and helping them better understand the benefits of an incisionless approach. We stand ready to help you gain access to the most appropriate surgical therapy to treat your GERD.

To determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for the TIF procedure, use the Physician Locator to consult a qualified TIF specialist.

TIF procedure policy criteria