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Foods can minimize or flair GERD symptoms

Episodes of heartburn and acid reflux are frequently tied to many aspects surrounding food and drink

As GERD nerds, we are compelled to discuss the impact of food on gastroesophageal reflux disease suffers (and its a popular topic around the water cooler).

It’s more than the quantity of food consumed and timing of meals. There are specific ingredients and recipe preparations that can help patients manage their reflux symptoms. Here’s a short list of what we intend to cover:

  • GERD triggering foods–ingredients and foods that have been associated with initiating or worsening reflux symptoms
  • GERD symptom minimizing food–ingredients and foods that have been associated with minimizing heartburn symptoms
  • Post-TIF and traditional fundoplication dietary recommendations–information about the ingredients and preparation of foods to eat during the post procedure recovery period

In researching this topic we found these resources:

  • Dr. Gourmet recipes for GERD sufferers
  • food recommendations for GERD sufferers
  • WebMD slide show on GERD triggering foods
  • Dr Oz slide show on GERD friendly foods

We hope you enjoy this part of the GERD nerd blog.

Clinical references for lifestyle modifications can be found here.

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