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No more reflux, no incisions, no more PPIs!

The TIF® procedure, the only solution that effectively treats reflux without incisions or metal implants.

The FDA is clear on their stance regarding PPIs—the label says:

No more than three 14-day treatment courses should be used in one year.”1

The TIF procedure is minimally invasive and corrects the root cause of reflux – a faulty valve between the esophagus and stomach. If you are taking proton pump inhibitors such as Prilosec® and Nexium® to control your symptoms, you now have a safe and effective alternative.

81% of parients are off PPPIs post TIF procedure
“The TIF procedure for reflux fixes the root cause, providing patients with long-lasting relief. We visit Kenneth Chang, MD a doctor at UC Irvine in Orange County, California, to learn more about the procedure and hear from one of his patients about the reflux and heartburn she felt since childhood and how the TIF® procedure has changed her life for the better.”

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Imagine the relief you will feel by choosing to restore the valve, fixing the cause of reflux, not just a temporary band-aid to control symptoms.

Answer these 7 Questions and you’ll be on your way to ending reflux and reliance on PPIs.

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“My TIF procedure date is more significant than my birthday.”

—Shannon N.

The TIF procedure delivers relief

  • Minimally invasive:
    Fast recovery
  • Restores valve to natural state:
    Maintain normal bodily functions
  • No incisions:
    No scars
  • No dissection of stomach:
    No scar tissue

The TIF procedure has helped thousands of people put a stop to reflux.

Deciding on a course of action when treating reflux can be confusing. The first step may be symptom control with PPIs. But when you exceed the FDA approved course of treatment with PPIs, the time has come to eliminate reflux.

22,000 + TIF procedures

TIF procedures


FDA cleared since 2007

81% off daily PPIs2

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The TIF procedure – an effective, safe alternative

“The TIF procedure is extremely safe, it is extremely effective, and it keeps my patients off of PPIs. I would not put this off. Have the TIF procedure before further damage occurs from acid reflux.”

—Dr. William Barnes, who has performed over 600 successful TIF procedures, is the Chief of Surgery & Trauma Director for Livingston Hospital and Healthcare Services, Inc., Salem, KY

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  1. FDA Drug Resource
  2. In 11 TIF 2.0 on label studies collectively representing 568 patients where the follow-up was between 7 and 59 months, the weighted incidence percentage of patients completely off PPIs was 73.50%, and 7.91% of the patients reported occasional use of PPIs, for a total of 81.41% of the patients reporting no daily use of PPIs.